The Universal Laws of Attraction
Tap into the Power

This is a video of the Universal Laws of Attraction with Dr. Michael J. Duckett. He is one of the most successful teachers of financial independence by using knowledge, inner strength and balance in life.

He has studied human behavior and the affects mind magnetism for over 30 years.

Dr. Duckett had a very difficult childhood. At a young age he and his sisters were orphaned but through will and determination he was able to overcome his adversity.

Dr. Duckett holds several advanced degrees including law, business and theology. He has devoted his life to the continued study of human behavior and to helping others achieve great success through the Universal Laws of Attraction.

Dr. Duckett is a very powerful, energetic motivational speaker.

In this video, Dr. Duckett will explain how to use the Universal Laws of Attraction by accessing your mind to create what you want. He explains that the key is strong visualization. He discusses how the unconscious mind cannot decipher between reality and imagination. So the key to attraction is clear visualization.

According to Dr. Duckett the mind does not understand three simple words, don’t, not and no. So when you say “I don’t want to be poor” or “I am not overweight,” the mind attracts what you are focused on which is “I want to be poor “and “I am overweight”. He gives you some strategies to help guide your thoughts in the right direction.

Dr. Duckett suggests that you phrase what you want to attract by saying something like, "I am in the process of achieving great health," or "I am on the path to financial freedom." This takes practice but by controlling your thoughts you will begin to see miraculous changes.

Learn to access your potential.

I hope that you find this video as interesting and helpful as I did.

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