Meditation Benefits

Meditation benefits have been studied for decades. Meditation has been used to reduce stress, alleviate pain and cure diseases. It can also be used to put your state of being in a place where it is in harmony with the universe. Another words, it can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Meditation is a state of relaxation and extreme focus on a conscious level. Those that practice the art of meditation know that it is a way to increase concentration, focus, and awareness and achieve a better life. Meditation has long been associated with prayer and spirituality but many others have enjoyed meditation benefits besides the monks and spiritual leaders. Anyone can reap the benefits of meditation. And best of all it can be done almost anywhere.

Many people meditate in their own home or in a peaceful place of their choice.When you choose your place to meditate make sure it is a calming environment for you.This will maximize meditation benefits.

Basic Meditation Techniques

The basics of meditation remain the same even though there are many approaches to meditating. You must learn to quiet your mind and bring a level of calmness to your being to effectively meditate. This helps you to achieve a higher level of being.

To successfully reach a level of peace and focused healing, you must be able to remove all negative thoughts and feelings. Most people look for a quiet, uninterrupted place so that they are not distracted from outside influence. You may now focus on a deep, profound thought if this is your goal.

It can be difficult for some people to shut outside noises down but with practice and time it becomes easier. Many people use audio software to help reach this state. Once you have mastered the technique, you will then become much more aware of everything around you.

Images of people meditating often show them in distorted positions much like Yoga but this is not necessary for proper meditation. Being comfortable and relaxed is the goal to promoting deep levels of concentration. Whether you are lying down, standing or sitting in a chair the goal is to be comfortable. All that is required is to find a position that is comfortable and relaxing for you. Keeping the back straight but relaxed is the best position for someone standing or sitting. Loose,comfortable clothing is preferred.

Many people set up a special place in their home just for meditation which includes candles and aromatics. Silence promotes focus. Mantras can promote focus by clearing the mind of distracting thoughts. A mantra is defined as a word, short sentence or sound that has some significant meaning to the person meditating. It can help you to maintain focus so you can achieve all the meditation benefits from your session. To reach a higher state of consciousness you may simply focus on your breathing or develop your own mantra. The most important thing is to focus. A focal point with your eyes open or some soothing music can accomplish the same thing.


  • One example is to close your eyes and starting with your feet concentrate on relaxing one body part at a time. Once your feet are relaxed, move up to the calves and so on until you reach the head. This exercise will keep you focused and keep away outside noise.

  • Another example more and more people are using is audio software that promotes relaxation using binaural beats. Binaural beats are different rhythmic tones that are used in audio to help a person reach a deeper state of relaxation in a much quicker period of time, especially if they are new to meditation. Studies have been conducted which show that a person using binaural beats can reach an alpha or delta state much faster than a person that does not use them.

Mediation if practiced correctly has many positive benefits. Studies have shown that there are significant meditation benefits including but not limited to decreased pain, decreased stress and increased happiness. And there has been a growing consensus in the medical community to further study the effects of such. Who knows in time physicians may be ordering meditation as part of the treatment plan for certain diseases. No matter what, it cannot be disputed that many believe they have had profound experiences using meditation.

More information about Guided Meditation and healing meditation

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