The Law of Attraction in Action Testimonial

The law of attraction in action, is it real? Have you ever wondered why certain people become so successful? I know I have, so I began to study them.

Will Smith gave this interview which I thought was so inspirational. Watch it and let me know what you think.

Will is a true testament to the law of attraction in action. He has had an amazing career. Do you think it was just luck or was there a higher power involved in his success? I personally don't believe anything happens by accident but I do believe we are in complete control of our destiny. I just depends on if you have the courage to go after your dreams.

The Universe has given you the gifts to succeed but has left it up to you whether to utilize them or not. More information about the law of attraction in action can be found in the Alchemist. Here is some information about the book.

Paulo Coelho wrote The Alchemist in only two weeks in 1987. This pace Coelho has explained was because the story was "already written in [his] soul".

The Alchemist is a story about a young Sheppard boy who begins a journey to find out the meaning of a reoccurring dream. Along the way he discovers a lot about himself as he encounters love, danger and opportunity. The premise of the journey is his discovery of the attraction law.

The book has gone on to becoming an international bestseller. According to AFP, it has sold more than 65 million copies in more than 160 countries, becoming one of the best-selling books in history and winning the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.

To learn more about the law of attraction and about yourself click the Amazon link to the right.

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