Gregg Braden and the Power of Intention

Internationally acclaimed author, Gregg Braden has been said to have bridged the gap between science and spirituality. He started out as a very successful computer geologist during the cold war but the last 25 years he has spent his life researching timeless and forgotten secrets. He has visited remote villages and scoured old text to discover universal paradigms.

Gregg Braden is the author of the book, The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future. This very controversial book claims that he has discovered a secret code that is imprinted on every living things cellular makeup. Another words; our DNA is coded with a specific message. It is not sure exactly who imprinted the code but the message is clear, we are a part of everything living and everything living is a part of us and we are all part of an even greater existence.

In this way of belief, we must look to each other regardless of race, religion, sex or economic class if we are going to change our existence to a more peaceful one. He clarifies that what we put out in the universe is absorbed and felt by all. He has scientific proof of his claims as he expresses in the video.

To read The God Code and other books written by him click below:

God Code

His discoveries come at a very poignant time in history. The 20th century was said to have been the bloodiest of all times. It is time for us to come together as a planet of peace and harmony where all things are possible for each and everyone.

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