Why Should I use Binaural Beats(Binural Beats)?

Binaural beats (binural beats) can help us to relax, meditate and emotionally recharge not to mention their incredible healing powers. Our poor unconscious mind has a hard time in our busy lives. We have both a conscious and unconscious mind and need to have both in ship shape order for our bodies to work well. Binural beats can do that.

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Our conscious mind is only able to do one thing at a time. It’s the part of us that rationalizes and analyses everything. We need our conscious mind to help us to remember things we only need to store for a few moments such as telephone numbers or that you need only need to pick up milk and bread. This part of us is around all the time we are awake- talking to us and helping us function in our everyday activities. It’s our problem solver, the part of us that sees everything from a very logical place.

Our unconscious mind is busy too, but is like the chef in the back of a huge restaurant. You don’t see them, but they’re making all the great food to nourish you and help you enjoy life. Binaural beats can help the unconscious do this for us. The unconscious mind is in charge of all the mechanics of your body like your heart rate and your breathing. But it’s also in charge of all those lovely feelings and emotions too.

The unconscious mind is also in charge of your memories and your ability to store new information in the right place so you can use it when you need to. Anytime you remember a special smell or memory it’s your unconscious helping you find it.

With all the busy-ness of our lives giving your unconscious time to relax and reboot, to find space to put new information or just not be quite so anxious is increasingly difficult.

Binaural beats (binural beats) helps your unconscious have a chance to get sorted. Cos it’s going direct to your brain, it manages to slip past that chatterbox conscious self and talks directly to your unconscious. It’s particularly good for those who find straight meditation hard to achieve as it gives you something to focus on that your brain is doing automatically.

Because so much of our day to day life stems from the actions of our unconscious, making it easier to talk to it by opening up the pathways with binaural beats (binural beats) it makes a lot of sense.

There are different types of brainwave entrainment programs using binaural beats including but not limited to Holosync, Q-Dreams and I-doser. Each is unique in what they have to offer someone interested in brainwave entrainment programs that use binaural beats.

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