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Attraction in Action

One of the greatest Law of Attraction in Action stories that I know truly put the LOA into action. My sister Traci ran her first marathon at age 42 and her first Half Ironman Triathlon at age 43. But the most amazing thing is she didn’t even start running until after 40.

When Traci turned 40 she decided to remove a word from her vocabulary that I think we should all probably remove. The word was CAN’T. Removing this one word put the Law of attraction in Action. It is amazing how many possibilities open up when you remove this four letter word from your life.

Traci started running slowly with her husband Ron. She says it was tough in the beginning but every time she wanted to give up she would remind herself how lucky she was to have two good legs to run on, and how lucky she was to be healthy enough to push herself.

So instead of going to that place many of us go when life gets tough, she just put a positive spin on the pain and pushed through it being grateful for every step further she could go. Gratitude is such a wonderful gift we have been given. It is too bad more of us don’t use it.

When you are truly grateful for what you have you can freely move forward. Traci’s example is just one of the many amazing things that come from living a life of gratitude. When you appreciate everything you have, you have nothing to lose by reaching farther. This is the law of attraction in action. When you are grateful you develop a sense of freedom, which puts you in a prime situation to achieve anything you want.

Traci started by setting small goals for herself. She first ran a 5K, then a half marathon and finally the full marathon. I was there that day to witness this remarkable achievement. I was so proud of her. Who knew less than nine months later she would participate in a 72 mile half Ironman? I wish I was there to see that but I was there in spirit and thanks to technology, Facebook and her husband, I was able to get up to the minute progress and photos. Almost as good as being there, not…oh well. That is how to put the Law of Attraction in Action, one step at a time.

Now please don’t think that all Traci had to do was want it, remove the word can’t and be grateful. She put an enormous amount of effort and sweat into achieving her goals. She studied the expertise of successful athletes, including proper diet, training patterns and the art of mental and physical endurance. She kept focused, trained continuously and sought the help of a professional trainer. But she could have done all that hard work and not been successful if she didn’t believe she COULD. That is how she moved out of her comfort zone to achieve what once seemed like the impossible.

See the law of attraction in action starts with the want and then you must take action in the right direction. Setting goals helps the process not seem so overwhelming. Traci took steps slowly and she was grateful for each of her accomplishments. She would rejoice in the small steps as well as the big milestones. She allowed herself to feel the pride, instead of looking at the obstacles or pondering on her fears.

She overcame the fear of swimming (a big one for her), the fear of having her feet locked into her pedals on her bike and the fear of self doubt. You can read Traci’s blog by clicking the link below. She gives you free insight into her training strategies for the half Ironman.

One of my all time favorite law of attraction in action quotes and my sister wrote it!

I look past the obstacle to where I want to be and that's where I always end up. Traci Schmoll.

When she wrote this she was talking about the obstacles in her path while riding her bike, such as down trees, rocks in the road and tight hairpin turns but it has a whole lot more meaning then just riding a bike. This quote is posted on every work station I have, so when things get tough, I just look past them to where I want to end up. Thanks Traci!!!

The law of attraction in action is just believing in yourself and taking the action needed to move you in the right direction. You can read Traci’s blog here.

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