Positive Thinking FAQ

This article will try to answer all of your positive thinking FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Can someone go from being a pessimist to an optimist?

Yes, your thoughts and attitude are completely within your control. Someone who is pessimistic may have to practice harder then someone who is generally optimistic but with a little work they can become a positive thinker.

  Does the Law of Attraction really work?

I am proof that it does. I have been able to accomplish so many great things in my life by putting the thoughts out there. Of course I worked hard but through hard work things always seem to fall into place. For instance, I knew I needed a career change, so I started thinking about where my passion lies. I caught the teaching bug quite accidently as an adjunct professor because an instructor backed out at the last minute. I really enjoyed teaching and wanted to do it full time but there weren’t any positions open. Then a professor was offered her dream job and out of the blue, I was offered a full time position. That is just one small example of all the wonderful things that have fallen into place for me.

Why should I keep a gratitude journal?

Well first, if you take time everyday to be grateful for what you have in your life then you open yourself up to bring more good things into your life. Second, being grateful feels good. When you write down what you are grateful for it solidifies it. Thoughts are transparent but putting something on paper makes it real. Third, it is fun to look back at what you were grateful for a week, month and year ago. You will be surprised in the progress you have made over a few months and years.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a place to put pictures and words of things ands feelings you want to bring into your life. You can do this using a poster board and pasting different pictures of things you envision or creating your board online. There are several services on the internet that can help you. The goal is to keep it close and look at it as often a possible. It keeps everything you want to attract into your life at the forefront. The vision board I use is Mind Movies. Here is a FREE Webinar for you.

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Is there an easy way to meditate?

Meditation does take some practice. It is important to quiet your mind, that is why people use a mantra to focus on. Another quicker and easier way is to use meditation programs. They use music and words to help you stay relaxed and focused. The two I use are Holosync and Q-Dreams. I like them both but Holosync can be a bit pricey upfront where as Q-Dreams is a monthly fee. However, Holosync delivers what they promise and in just a few months it starts to pay for itself. I have both because I like the versatility.


What is brain entrainment?

Brain entrainment, also known as Brain synchronization, is a periodic frequency uses to stimulate the brain to achieve desired results. Binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones are used to achieve the desired state. These frequencies are usually put with relaxing music to achieve a meditative state.

Does it work?

Much research has been done on brainwave entrainment and the consensus is that they do work. The research shows clear changes in EEG patterns in the brain. However, this is not a form of mind control as many have described it to be. You can never be trained to do something against your will using this technology. What brainwave entrainment can do for you is help you achieve a desired state of being. It works faster than basic meditation. Holosync and Q-Dreams both use combinations of brainwave entrainment.


How can I ask for abundance when so many have so little? 

This is a misconception that so many of us have and it is one of the reasons that many of us are stuck at a certain level of financial gain. We hear that voice in our heads that was planted there by well meaning parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. “Money doesn’t grow on trees. Finish your plate, don’t you know there are starving kids out there that would give everything to have the meal you have in front of you.” We were also told that abundance equaled glutinous and to ask for more was selfish. As you read this doesn’t it even sound ridiculous? Do you think that God said, “OK, you will be rich and you will be poor?” Who is able to help the poor, those individuals that have an abundance. A Philanthropist is someone who has a lot of money and does many great things with it. Let’s face it money is only paper that we exchange for goods. Don’t give more power than that and don’t allow it to make you feel guilty. It’s paper, it only has the power that you as an individual place on it.

Hope this has answered most of your positive thinking FAQ. As more questions come in I will try to answer them.

As always be well,


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